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Buy Alive Assorted household cleaning products

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Alive Assorted household cleaning products

Alive Assorted household cleaning products (81210)

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The set contains five of the most essential cleaning products for daily household use. Using highly concentrated cleaning products help you save time and money. The products are gentle on humans and the environment. They do not contain petroleum products and other harsh chemical additive and most importantly – they work!

Buy Alive Assorted household cleaning products in 3 simple steps: select a quantity, click on "buy" and checkout.

Alive A All-purpose cleaner effectively removes soil and grease from any washable surfaces such as glass, aluminum, stainless steel, laminate, plastic, wood, leather, and chrome.

Alive B Bathroom and Toilet cleaner can be used for cleaning all bathroom surfaces. It has a pleasant lemon-mint aroma.

Alive F Floor and Tile cleaner leaves all floors and tiles sparkling clean. The detergent has a fresh lemon aroma.

Alive G Glass and Mirror cleaner can be used on all types of glass, mirrors, windshields, computer and television screens and much more.

Alive K Kitchen cleaner effectively removes grease from any washable kitchen surfaces (stainless steel, glass, aluminum, plastic, wood, chrome).

 Alive Trigger spray bottle
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