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Payment methods

Depending on the country you can pay for orders in any of the following ways :
- by bank transfer
- by credit/debit card
- using your personal account

Bank transfer

If you choose this option you’ll be immediately issued with an invoice which you can pay at any bank.
Once the order has been placed, you’ll be able to print out the invoice from your member area by clicking on the Orders tab, finding the order in question, then clicking More and finally clicking Print Invoice.
Additional fees may be charged by the bank in addition to the price of the order.


Note, you must specify the first and last name of the person who placed the order and the order number in the payment field on the invoice form.


Note! When you place an order, you will have up to 7 days to pay for it. During that time, we will reserve the inventory for you. If you do not pay for the order in full within 7 days, it will be cancelled and the inventory will be released.

Once you have paid the invoice and the money has been credited to the company’s account, the items you ordered will be placed in a parcel and shipped by courier to the address you specified, within twenty four hours excluding weekends and holidays.

Pay by credit/debit card

Now you can pay your orders with credit & debit cards on the Colarorder website or using your PayPal account. It is a convenient, fast and safe means to pay for orders on-line.

The payment is effected after the order has been completed. Choose in the Payment menu «By credit/debit card online» or "PayPal". Check the entry and confirm the order.

Pay by credit/debit card online (on the Colarorder website)

After the order has been confirmed, check the correctness of the order number and amount of payment on the “Payment Page”. If entry is correct then fill in a Form presented on this Page.

You should fill in the following:

Card Number - full-in the card number.

Code CVV2/CVC2 is a three digit code on the back or front of your card and is necessary to confirm on-line payments; depending on the type of a card it can be a code CVV2 (Visa), СVС2 (MasterCard).

Expiry Date of the card (specify a month and a year).

Card Issue Number (this number in only on some UK cards (for example on Maestro UK) – if there is no such number then ignore this step.

Name on card (Name of the card holder as it appears on the card).

Billing address:

Street, building number, apartment number

ZIP/Postal Code




Push the button «Pay» to pay.

When this procedure is finished the payment receipt will be available and you can print it out.

Pay by "PayPal" system

PayPal" is an international electronic payment system, providing easy, quick and safe on-line payments by means of credit cards.

After ordering, for payment you should enter the payment system server, by pressing the icon . The transaction data is transmitted to PayPal’s server through your internet browser. The total amount and the order number will be automatically displayed on the payment page.

If you have already registered on the payment system site and have opened a PayPal acccount, to carry out the transaction you only have to enter the system using your e-mail and password, that you used when signing up. As such, there is no need to add a credit amount to your PayPal account – money will be withdrawn from your card, that is assosiated with the account.

If you have not regestered, your PayPal account has not been opened, so after payment confirmation and transfering to the system site, it is necessary to choose menu option “Create a PayPal account” input all the necessary data correctly and click icon “Agree and create account”. You should follow the system helps to affect payment.

After payment, which is performed in real-time, the order status becomes "Preparing to ship". The order will be prepared and delivered to your address by the courier services within 24 hours, except days off and holidays.

Paying from the personal account

The personal account of a club member allows you to:

  1. Use bonus points awarded as part of the discount programme to pay for orders (this function has to be activated separately).
  2. Transfer money into the accounts of other club members registered on the website.
  3. Immediately pay for an order and get it delivered as soon as possible. More…

You can pay either the full price or part of the price of an order plus shipping costs using the bonus points you have in your personal account.

If you have any cash in your personal account, you will be prompted to use it to pay for the order. If you want to pay from your personal account, just tick the appropriate field in the order form.

If you intend to pay only part of the price from your personal account, you can then choose how you are going to pay the remaining amount: by credit/debit card, bank transfer or pay on delivery.

Note, when you pay for an order from your personal account, your order will be immediately given the - Preparing to Ship status.

To learn more about order statuses follow this link.

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