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Water Pack №1

Water Pack №1 (80300)

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Health Pack 1 includes the mineral complex Coral-Mine (30 sachets), a KOR Delta 750 ml water bottle and a z-card with useful information on how to add energy to your life. Coral-Mine is based on deep-sea coral and is used to condition water. The KOR Delta water bottle is an innovative, easy to use, hydration vessel that is made from an ecologically friendly material.

Coral-Mine is a mineral composition that is made of deep-sea coral. It softens water, has a positive impact on the body’s mineral composition and improves various properties of water.

The KOR Delta hydration vessel is a combination of art and science, style and design. The bottle has an array of innovative functionality. For example, the cap opens with a simple push of a button, the ergonomic grip, a convenient spout and a locking mechanism that prevents accidental opening.

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